The Rice Purity Test is a test designed to assess human personality. It is formed in a specific manner to understand different human personality build-ups. Most of the Rice Purity Test instruments or so called Rice Purity Test is introspective in order to examine the behavioral status of an individual.

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The Rice Purity Test assesses you on the ‘big five’ factors of personality also known as ‘OCEAN’. These big five factors of personality include:

  1. Openness – It involves active imagination, aesthetic sensitivity, attentiveness to inner feelings, preference for variety and intellectual curiosity.
  2. Conscientiousness – It is the desire to do a task well and take obligations towards others seriously. It is manifested in behaviors of being careful, self-disciplined and diligent.
  3. Extraversion – It signifies an outgoing and social person. It is characterized by enthusiasm and participation in the social life.
  4. Agreeableness – It is manifested in behaviors of being kind, sympathetic, cooperative, warm and considerate.
  5. Neuroticism – It is manifested in behavior towards feelings such as anxiety, worry, fear, anger, frustration, envy, jealousy, guilt, depressed mood and loneliness.

The Rice Purity Test also assesses thirty other personality trait sub-scales. Let’s move on to the origin of Rice Purity Tests.

A History of the Early Days of Rice Purity Test

The Rice Purity Test originated back in the 18th and 19th centuries. Back then the personality was assessed through phrenology and physiognomy. Phrenology is the measurement of bumps on the human skull. Physiognomy assesses human personality based on a person’s outer appearances. Another approach for assessing personality was developed late in the 19th century by Sir Francis Galton.

He estimated the number of adjectives that described personality in the English dictionary. His list was refined by Louis Leon Thurstone to sixty words that were commonly used at that time to describe a personality. Thurstone later reduced the sixty adjectives into seven common factors.

The procedure of factor analyzing common adjectives was later used by Raymond Cattell in the 20th century. He utilized a data set of over 4000 affect terms from the English dictionary that resulted in construction of the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire or 16PF.

Out of the many subjective self-report instruments constructed to measure the big five personality dimensions, the Revised NEO Personality Inventory has been the most famous one. The Woodworth Personal Data Sheet was another such early personality instrument. It was a self-report inventory developed for World War I and used for the psychiatric screening of new draftees.

Now, let’s move on and discuss some useful tips for a good Rice Purity Test.

9 Ways to Improve Your Rice Purity Test Score

No need to worry about your Rice Purity Test score anymore! Here are some quick useful tips to keep in mind before taking your Rice Purity Test:

1 – Avoid Drug Usage

Even the mere mention of illegal drugs anywhere in your Rice Purity Test can put you in a tight spot. Every organization views drug usage as a huge negative characteristic. There are strict rules regarding drug abuse in most of the esteemed organizations. The penalties for drug use vary from huge fines to suspension of job.

Drugs are bad for your health and affect your personality in numerous unhelpful ways. Drug usage signifies emotional instability and obsession. Also, substance use disorder is characterized by high neuroticism indexes. Thus, it is bound to affect ‘neuroticism’ criterion of the Rice Purity Test. So, it is highly recommended to avoid any kind of drug usage for an impactful Rice Purity Test.

2 – A Crime Free Record

No one prefers a criminal over a righteous person. A criminal record indicates great negative personality traits which are of no good for your Rice Purity Test. One of the ‘big five’ factors of personality ‘Conscientiousness’ says that people engaged in anti-social or criminal behavior tend to score low in conscientiousness.

Thus, your criminal attitude is bound to affect your Rice Purity Test score in an inappropriate way. So, it is highly recommended to avoid any support towards criminal behavior for a meaningful Rice Purity Test.

3 – Priority to Education

As always education is the priority. A well educated person will surely outshine others. Education develops and constructs your personality in a very beneficial manner. Education empowers human mind and builds a strong mental foundation. It plays an important role in making up of the human temperament and character.

Education increases your intellectual growth. Most of all, education boosts your confidence. The personality of a well educated person will be more confident than others. Also, education in directly related to the ‘big five’ factors of personality via ‘openness’. Thus, education is a priority for an impactful personality as education is responsible for creating a well behaved, disciplined and developed personality.

4 – Respect for Society

It is the society that raised and developed your personality. Thus, it makes your duty to respect the society. Taking active participation in the society enhances your social skills. Your personality will shape your different opinions about the various issues prevailing in the society.

Your views towards the society and your attitude towards the changes in the society will determine the openness in your personality. Thus, respecting your society is important for a thriving Rice Purity Test.

5 – Personality Development

A bright and impactful personality is bound to make quite an impact in the Rice Purity Test. Personality development is the relatively enduring pattern of the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that distinguish individuals from one another.

Personality development is all about embracing your personal traits and finding the optimism out of them. Development of personality in most of the positive aspects such as honesty, reliability, assertive, dependable, good communicator, imaginative, confident, achievement oriented and optimistic is constructive for a stimulating Rice Purity Test.

6 – Healthy Personality

A healthy body reflects a healthy mind and a healthy mind implies a healthy personality. Organizations prefer a healthy person over someone with relatively low immunity. A healthy personality is denoted by a healthy mind which is important for achieving the goals. A healthy person is bound to perform enthusiastically and contribute maximum towards the final goal.

A mentally healthy personality has the ability to perform even under stressful conditions. Similarly, an emotionally healthy personality is distant from emotional dysfunctions and doesn’t affect the productivity in any manner. Your physical, emotional and mental health is important for a positive Rice Purity Test.

7 – Positive Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal relationships are required throughout the society. A predisposition for negative interpersonal relationships reflects lack in social skills and team spirit. Every organization works on the base of a strong team spirit.

A personality that can maintain positive interpersonal relationships is thus a necessary criterion for a successful Rice Purity Test. One of the ‘big five’ factors of personality ‘extraversion’ assesses your social skills. Good interpersonal relationships reflect your ability to blend with the society thereby signifying extraversion. Thus, good interpersonal skills are essential for an exceptional Rice Purity Test.

8 – Bloom With Your Culture

Our culture defines us just as much as our personalities. Every culture has a very specific yet positive impact over your personality. Exploring your cultural heritage offers a robust variety of benefits with most of them promoting your personality. Culture shapes your values, beliefs and aspirations. It defines your identity. Your cultural heritage is bound to reinforce a sense of identity and help you in building self-esteem.

Jack Ma, one of the founders of the multinational corporate giant ‘Alibaba’ has included culture in one his ten rules for success. He mentioned culture as the core competent reason behind success. Thus, focus on your culture and your personality will have the most prominent upbeat traits. Along with a culturally developed personality your Rice Purity Test is bound to be a success.

9 – Stay Distraction Free

It is the most common and widely used trick to perform well in any kind of test. Instead of wasting the time over wasteful distractions, it is highly recommended to use the time for self introspection. One can understand their personality, both the negative and positive traits and work on them accordingly through self introspection.

Moreover, staying distraction free and using the time over more productive activities will help you in developing your personality. So, rest well without any distractions to perform well in your Test.

In the end, make sure to avoid answering the questions using any negative traits. Stay away from answers that will portray you in a negative light. Instead, choose positive traits to answer the questions. Affirmative answers will show an optimistic mindset and are bound to leave a positive impact on the assessor.

Finally, the key to success for a fine Rice Purity Test is practice. Take practice Rice Purity Tests online to get a sense of what to expect. Practicing such tests will also help you to know about the areas where you are lacking and you can work accordingly.

Hopefully, the article was able to solve your queries regarding the Rice Purity Test. At last, remember that every personality is different and thus unique in its own way. Impact your personality with good and bright traits and be your best self.